Make the Mountain Come to You

Many of the victory conditions, including all bar one of the primary conditions, require you to either transport a token between two points, or to interact with different points on the board. In the main these comprise one or more of friendly objectives, enemy objectives, and the table edges. The ability to travel as quickly as possible between these points maximises your efficiency and minimises the number of activations you need to reach the VP threshold.

There are two ways you can go about doing this. One, the obvious one, is to have units which have a high Speed stat. The magic number is an initial move of 9 or higher as that will allow the unit to reach an enemy objective on its first activation, though there’s not many units in the game which can do that. There are other ways of speeding a unit up. As a Relic Knights table is meant to be terrain-heavy, then Fly and Thrusters can considerably cut down the number of activations a unit needs to travel the board. Large units can also ignore terrain smaller than they are. Squads can take advantage of their 3″ cohesion limit to spread out and cover a large distance, effectively adding this to their movement. Act As One squads can spread out as they please, enabling them to retrieve a token at one side of the table and deposit at the other all in the same activation. Then there are unit-specific actions such as Pounce, Thrusters, and Spirit Walk which help boost a unit’s movements.

There is another way to minimise the number of activations it takes to interact with these points on the board, and that is to reposition them. The table edges are obviously a fixed point, but the objectives aren’t, and enemy objectives are particularly susceptible to being moved. Objectives are units, and as such can be targeted just like any other unit, but they can’t defend themselves. So any attack or support action which has Push, Pull, or Compel can be used to move an enemy objective. Tow can be used in the same way, and in the case of the Royal Wrecker you don’t even need to use an action to get the Tow.

So if you’ve flipped, say, Heist as your primary condition, you could use a Push 6 action to send the enemy primary objective 6″ closer to the nearest board edge. The one activation you spend on doing this can save you several activations of transporting Heist tokens. Likewise, if your opponent has placed an objective at the top of a tall structure, then rather than scaling it, you could just Compel it to ground level.

There are some actions which can move your own objectives, though these are rarer. Far better just to deploy them as efficiently as possible, though you can use these actions to move them into less convenient places for your opponent to reach.

If you wish to prevent your own objectives being moved by your opponent then you have some options. A unit suffering a forced move will stop when it hits another object on the table, so you can deploy it next to terrain and/or with a friendly model or two to make sure it can’t travel very far before hitting something. You can also deploy a Darkfield within 3″ of it, which will prevent it from being targeted by Ranged or Psychic attacks, cutting down the number of actions your opponent can use to move it.

When putting your cadre together keep an eye out for actions and abilities which make your units more mobile, and consider taking at least one unit with a forced movement action you can use to reposition the table to your advantage.


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