Attacks With Benefits

Combat actions in Relic Knights are not only useful for destroying enemy units. Many of them come with additional abilities attached which can help you win the race. Tow, Push, Pull, and Compel have already been discussed in the context of repositioning enemy objectives, and they also can be used to make enemy units take longer to travel to their destination. Bear in mind you’ll be using up one of your own activations to do this, so make sure you’re not just trading off one activation for another. If your unit is itself traveling the board and has the action free to do something with it as it goes, then it can be well worth using it to move an enemy unit.

Blast can break up enemy defensive position or force squads to lose coherency. Charge doesn’t just have to be used to get a unit into melee, but can be used to give the unit additional speed with any damage caused by the attack incidental. Feint gives even more speed.

Knockback can be another good way to mess with the opposing cadre. It can be used to keep your opponent’s best units from activating as often, or make those transporting tokens take longer to reach their destination. Be a little careful when using it, though. If the unit is in the last queue slot then Knockback won’t do anything as it can be placed straight back in, notwithstanding actions such as Glimpse of the Void. Also, if you do use Knockback on a unit, then the other enemy units behind it in the queue will move up and activate quicker. So sending a unit carrying a token out of the first slot in the queue can move up the enemy relic knight in its place.

Finally, a unit carrying a token will drop it if it takes any damage. Target an enemy unit carrying one and you can force it to sacrifice most of its initial move to pick it up again. There’s no need for the attack to be able kill the unit, so even highly durable units can still be hindered by your attacks.

Much of what was said in the second Surgical Strikes post applies here too. If you do want to trigger these abilities then make sure you pick your targets carefully. A Guard will cancel these effects in just the same way as it cancels damage, but a unit lacking in attack prevention has no way of preventing them from taking affect.


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