A Strategy Primer for New and New-ish Players

In ‘The Three Stages of Relic Knights‘, I argued that whilst Relic Knights is a miniatures game, it stretches the boundaries of what could be considered a wargame. I’ve a lot of years’ experience playing card games as well as miniature wargames, and I found when getting in to Relic Knights that thinking in terms of card game strategies was equally as, if not more, effective as thinking in terms of wargame strategies.

In a CCG or LCG, I’m aiming to build a deck which is as efficient as possible, and then when I play an opponent, I’m not trying to use my cards to kill all my opponent’s cards, but use them to execute my victory strategy quickly, whilst hindering my opponent’s as much as possible. So I can be making my opponent discard cards, reversing their cards, removing them from the table to the discard pile, making it harder to play them, force them to expend additional resources, and so on. The harder I make it for them to do what they want, and the more efficient I am, the greater the likelihood that I’ll reach the victory threshold first.

There are several different ways in which you can go about doing this in Relic Knights, and rather than write one very long post, I’ll break them down into one post each, and post a link for each here as they get published so they can be easily accessed from one place.

  1. Stay on Target
  2. Surgical Strikes: Part One
  3. Surgical Strikes: Part Two
  4. Make the Mountain Come to You
  5. Attacks With Benefits
  6. Give In to the Darkfield

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