In a brief interlude between strategy posts, this is to give the quickstart rules their own post so as to make them easier to find. These rules are for new players and use the starter boxes. Each faction has their own version tied to their starter box, and any two can be matched up against each other. The intention is to strip down the information a new player needs to know so as to focus on the basics of the game. They’re only intended to be used once or twice before moving onto the game proper.

If you’re an experienced player running demos or introducing a new player to the game, they can serve the same purpose in helping keep things simpler. Just adapt them to whatever your needs are.

For the moment, the rules are in plain text on Word docs. Hopefully at a later date they’ll be jazzed up a bit and transferred to PDFs.

Quickstart Rules Doctrine

Quickstart Rules Cerci

Quickstart Rules Shattered Sword

Quickstart Rules Black Diamond

Quickstart Rules Noh

Quickstart Rules Star Nebular Corsairs


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